You know when you have the feeling that you are just due for a chocolate indulgence? That was me last night! So, naturally I cured that with a mini chocolate milkshake and fudge-y cake with a dark chocolate center. Few things are better in life than a good piece of chocolate cake. Treating yourself to a sweet is one of the finer parts of life and it IS part of a healthy lifestyle. I went to Max Brenner’s with my friends and we did it up.

The Melting Chocolate Truffle Heart Cake & Shake

Milk & white chocolate heart cake served with creamy vanilla ice cream, red berries and an iced milk chocolate shot 

I felt a close-up shot was truly necessary.

I balanced this with some healthy eats in the past few days. I have also been spinning for most of my cardio works, but I mixed in a running day and it felt great. Variety really is key.

Pure Energy from Juice Generation. This orange concoction was actually not too bad. Here is the ingredient list: 1oz of wheatgrass with carrot, spinach, celery,
beet & cucumber.

Some pretty views from the weekend…

The makings of the Freedom Tower. It’s really beautiful.

The Survivor Tree

The peaceful and serene 9/11 Memorial. They did a wonderful job making it a calm and truly tranquil environment. It’s ideal for reflection about everything in life.

Washington Square Park after the crazy storm in NYC.

This view of Washington Square Park never seems to get old for me. In fact, I think I probably take a picture each time I see it. 🙂

You can’t get much better than a rooftop view of the bridges, especially Brooklyn Bridge!

I have been thinking a lot about living every day with a positive and open attitude. I think that I have been reminded about the value of life with the shootings in Colorado and the visit to the 9/11 Memorial. Life really is so fragile and it truly is a wonderful miracle to be alive and healthy. I am so appreciative of the opportunity to explore the world and enjoy each day. It’s obviously not always perfect, but the essence of life is so powerful. I want to keep this perspective with me and take it with me throughout the rest of my life. I’ve got it pocketed and I want to use it as a tool to make the most out of every single day that I get in this crazy life. I know this is deep, but it’s important stuff that people tend to shy away from talking about in daily life. This is silly because it is so close to the core of humanity. YOU are the engineer of your own life. YOU are responsible for pushing yourself to answer these life questions.

Make it happen for no one else, but yourself.