So, tonight I made my first hard boiled eggs. It’s so simple, yet I fear that I will mess it up! They are for lunch tomorrow! I’m going to pack a peanut butter sandwich in case they didn’t turn out right. 🙂

I also roasted up some peppers and carrots. I had a mission to find “non smelly” veggies at the grocery store. I felt a little self-conscious when I warmed up my broccoli and cauliflower the other day. Office respect! Ha, ha.

I had quite the disaster with my morning berry smoothie today. The berries and kale were NOT mixing, and I was running out of time. I also didn’t want to waste the ingredients, so I… added egg whites and turned it into a berry pancake. Eh. It was a mess, but it was definitely not my typical breakfast. My roommate commented that it smelled like a fruit rollup. This would be a good thing if we weren’t talking about a pancake. 🙂

So, I have been reading about something called intermittent fasting. It is basically scheduled eating. You give yourself a window of time to eat each day and then you are fasting for the rest of it. The goal is to get to a 16/8 schedule. This means 16 hours fasting and 8 hours of eating. You still maintain a healthy diet in the eating period. It says to start with a 12/12 schedule and then work your way toward the 16/8. I think it’s really interesting and I definitely want to look into it more.

The benefits are outlined as follows:

  • Reduced blood glucose and insulin levels (markers of improved health)
  • Increased fatty acid oxidation
  • Maintenance of lean mass (muscle)
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced oxidative damage
  • Increased cellular stress resistance (esp of heart and brain)
  • Decreased risks associated with degenerative diseases of aging (cancers, heart diseases, diabetes, Alzheimers)


This study really differs from the “eat 6 meals a day” plan. It also debunks the theory that you have to eat that often to maintain your metabolic rate.

I think it could be interesting to try out for a week or so. I will have to read more before I make any rash decisions. 🙂

On a far more random note, I have another bucket list addition. I would like to visit…

Greece! So pretty.

{Transition from random thought, to the next random thought} …. haha 🙂

I have been thinking a lot about the meaning of work and what I want in a job. I heard a speaker the other day say, “What would you do if you had a day without any obligations? Figure that out and find a job that replicates that as best as possible. If you are passionate about it, you are going to want to work more, and therefore you will move up quickly.” It’s a recipe for success and happiness.

Steve Jobs said it best himself…

Love what ya do. So simple.

Good night!