A weekend filled with family is a good weekend. This weekend was the first in a long time that my entire family was together. It’s strange how you go from sharing a roof with your brothers for many years to being spread apart through college, jobs and life.

Brothers aren’t like sisters (in regards to communication). They don’t call to just chat. Well, maybe some do, but most of the time my brothers aren’t huge talkers on the phone. Sooo, it’s hard to stay in touch long distance. I’m thankful that we built such a strong sibling bond when we were growing up because it has withstood time and distance. When we get back together, nothing has changed. We still show our affection by hitting each other (lightly) haha, and teasing each other.

The same goes with my parents (well not the showing affection by hitting each other part), but I have always been close with them. Being away from home has made me even more appreciative of my family. They are my rock and will always be.

Happy Father’s Day! I look up to my dad so much. He is a hard worker, a strong thinker, joker, teaser, and most of all, a lover of family. He has done so much to support my brothers and I, and I’m more grateful than words can express. He can be tough on the aspects of like that he needs to be, but inside he is a real softie for his family. Love you, Daddy!

My family went to an organic burger place on Friday night! I got a veggie burger on top of a fresh salad. It hit the spot!

Saturday morning I squeezed in an interval run (even with my pulled glute — probably not smart). I also did some free weights lifts now that I have found the weight room. Only took me three weeks! I plan to start lifting a lot more. I’m a little burnt out on the hours of cardio. Time for a change of pace!

Saturday we walked (hiked?) around Central Park and hard lunch in the park. I got a beet/spinach/egg salad. My brothers will be eternally grossed out by what I eat. 🙂 They eat healthy, but they just think I have no limits with the food I combine. It’s an ongoing source of jokes for them. Sibling love. ❤

Sorry about the whole no pics thing. I really need to get in the habit. It’s so hard for me to remember!

My family really isn’t the museum type. We went to the Natural History Museum and checked out the dinosaur exhibit. I actually was really intrigued by this. BUT, I think we were all ready to peace out after the “African mammals” display. We walked around some more in the park because I think we would ALL prefer to be outside on a pretty day. 🙂

Saturday night we hit up the “meatball shop.” My dad was really excited to try it so we gave it a whirl. It was really good! I got three veggie meatballs + tomato sauce + veggies and hummus. Yum!

The boys headed back to rest and my momma and I did some shopping. Total bust. Don’t you hate when you try on like half of the clothes in the store and they just don’t suit you? That’s when I remember why I hate shopping!

We met back up with the boys to go on a night walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a really pretty view. My dad and I were struggling. His lower back was killing him from the walking, and my glutes are killing me (TMI?) But, we survived. We hit up the Brooklyn ice cream shop and ate with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge, Hudson River, Manhattan skyline, and Lady Liberty. Not too bad! My mom and I split some blueberry ice cream. It hit the spot!

This morning we ate at Pershing Square Cafe by Grand Central and took a family grocery shopping trip to Whole Foods. As you can see, food is very important to my fam. 🙂 I got some protein powder and my dad is going to give me some recipes for protein shakes. I’m excited to start making them! My dad loves his protein shakes. Time for something new for breakfast! I also got some chopped kale and spinach (frozen) to put in my shakes. This most definitely got some comments from my brothers including, “are you serious,” “I would rather not eat” etc. Ha, ha! A family that grocery shops together, stays together.

I just struggled through my 3-mile run. My butt has never been this sore! I definitely pulled a muscle. My goodness!

Time for an afternoon of fun with my momma! 🙂