Today was filled with veggies and research. Seriously, I ate an abundance of veggies and researched all day long. Ah, the life. I managed to have asparagus, onions, snap peas, broccoli, peppers and cauliflower. Oh yeaaaah.

My family comes to the city tomorrow. 🙂 It will be a really nice weekend and a much needed break. This week flew by, though!

My workout was rough today. It was just one of those times that I felt sluggish no matter what exercise I did.

Things I’m looking forward to this weekend:

  • Relaxing
  • Sleeping
  • Long walk with my mom
  • Going out to eat at unique restaurants with the family
  • Just being with my family

Sorry for the incredibly uninspiring post. Someones needs her SLEEP.

I need both of these things this weekend! TGIF, friends!