I’m listening to Bob Marley as I wind down from the day. It always takes me back to my senior spring break cruise in high school. The cruise was one amazing week in my life so I think I subconsciously go for Bob when I’m looking for some feel good music. It’s working like a charm!

The day started with some less-than-calming yoga. I did a 5-minute routine and I felt rushed to get out the door while I was doing it, so I don’t know if I really benefited from it. Ha ha!

Today was so busy again! The days are flying by. I can’t believe it’s mid-June. I can’t believe I’ll be back in Kansas again in the fall. I have been in NYC all of 2012 so far… crazy. It has been an eye-opening experience. I feel like I know more of what I want out of life now. Isn’t that the point of all experiences? To get you closer to finding the life that really makes you tick? I think so, or at least it’s a big part of the process.

I took pictures of my food today, but I am opting not to post them. They just aren’t pretty. I seriously need more scene-y photo ops for my eats.

Breakfast was quite interesting. By interesting, I mean that I didn’t toast my waffles. I simply took them out of the freezer, topped them with almond butter, Greek yogurt, coconut flakes, and blueberry crisp. I love cold waffles, so I thought I would just leave ’em. I really liked it! I swear, my food tastes seem to just get weirder by the day. I ended the breakfast extravaganza with some kale chips. Yes, my breakfast got even weirder.

I was out of peppermint tea and I forgot my green tea, so I had to have the plain stuff today. Flavorless tea just sucks.

Good news, I brought my umbrella today. And… it didn’t rain. Of course. If I’m prepared, then it sure as hell won’t rain.

Lunch was not very picturesque so I’ll spare you the image. I had half a chicken breast, some leftover sweet potato fries and steamed cauliflower and an apple. Oh, and my caffeine addiction was clearly back in business, so I got an iced coffee with soy milk. Not too shabby.

Work was really interesting today! I love researching and creating different ways to package info. It’s such a creative process AND you get to learn something new every single time. I just reread that and it sounded super nerdy. Yikes! 🙂

Post-work snack was flax crackers + turkey + mustard and some blueberry crisp.

I got to the gym and there was a fire truck out front along with all of the gym goers. Apparently the fire alarm had gone off (well, duh). We finally got to go in and I started on the rowing machine. I was just getting into the intervals when… the fire alarm went off again. We had to clear out of the gym by law. So, I waited and then we got to go back in again 10 minutes later. As I was walking back, the alarm buzzed again. Something was wrong with the alarm and they said we would have to clear out every time it sounded. Nothing gets me more riled up then an interrupted workout!

My solution? I left and did my go-to exercise routine in my room. It was actually nice for a change. I jump roped for 40 minutes. It’s killer! I give my self 20-10 seconds of rest each minute because I definitely can’t jump rope for 40 minutes continuously. That would be seriously awesome if I could though.

After I did a strength routine that looked like this:

{3 sets of 20 reps}

  • Regular push-ups
  • Triceps dips
  • Incline push-ups

{3 sets}

  • Squat jump (1 minute)
  • Lunge (1 minute) Set 1 – regular Set 2 – incline Set 3 – decline
  • Plank (1 minute) Set 1 – front Set 2 – left Set 3 – right

{3 sets}

  • Ab reach and touch (25 reps)
  • Plank up-downs (1 minute)
  • Wide squats (25 reps)

Dinner: Salmon burger. Sauteed veggies with oregano and olive oil. Sauteed my tomatoes with cinnamon and it was a success. Yes, the food just keeps getting weirder. I whipped up a bunch of veggies for tomorrow’s lunch. Look at me go! Veggie cookin’ fool. I also made my third batch of blueberry crisp for the week. Somebody stop me!

And here is a random assortment of Pinterest items that sparked thoughts about my life…

I hope that my future yard looks something like that. 😉 Or below…

Yeah, that could work too.

Intense, but it’s true! Life needs to be fun in some way.

I need this bike! I have always wanted a baby blue bike like this, but with flowers too? Sign me up!

I really miss playing soccer. This picture takes me back to the nights filled with soccer practices. So glad that it was such a big part of my life growing up.

And, finally…

This seems fitting for me! I never stay in one place too long. 🙂

Night, all!