Monday is always quite the day. It went by FAST because it was so busy at the mag internship. I fueled up for the day at Starbucks with a protein bistro box. It’s like an adult lunchable. I highly recommend it for meals on the run. The box-o-protein includes a hardboiled egg, cheese, whole grain roll, almond butter, grapes, and an apple for about 350 cals. I added another serving of fruit and a peppermint tea. 🙂 I wasn’t even hungry for my mid-morning snack of pumpkin seeds and choco chips! That’s saying something, my friends.

I wrote up my 13th “Motivation Monday” for Parents today! Check it out. It’s crazy that my internship will be ending in a few weeks. I have grown up and learned so much in these past few months. NYC really does toughen you up.  I will have a nice little break back home for a week and then head to Glamour for the summer. 🙂 I’m beyond excited to start my summer adventures in the city!

I did an interval run for 40 minutes and weight lifting for another 40 tonight. Dinner was the same old, same old. The salad guy knows me! He is concerned I don’t eat enough meat (little does he know, I got steak at Chipotle yesterday) 😉 He said he is going to make me a steak salad one of these days. I’m holding him to it! My usual is a spinach salad with chickpeas, mozzarella balls (YUM), broccoli, cucumber and peppers drizzled with red wine vinegar, lemon juice and sprinkled with pepper. Then I usually get a veggie soup and some kind of fruit. I do it big for dinner(on mostly healthy foods) to make sure that I’m satisfied. Dessert was half of a choco-chunk cookie and some licorice pinwheels.

Now I’m sippin’ on some peppermint tea and gearing up for some serious school work.

Always remember to stop and smell the roses tulips!