Good afternoon!

A scene from Central Park for your viewing pleasure:

I’m going to start adding these pics to every post, because let’s just say that I have more than enough pictures of parks and flowers. Someone needs to stop me! I have totally gotten over feeling weird when I stop to snap a shot of a pretty plant.

Exhibit A:

There is a lot more where that came from! 🙂

I whipped up 2 egg whites and salsa for breakfast (awesome go-to b-fast) with some peppermint tea on the side. I also had some of my new favorite snack…

Seaweed! It is super nutritious and entertaining to eat and the ultimate snacking food because guess what? Only 30 calories per serving, 0 sugars, 0 trans fat, no preservatives, no cholesterol. They aren’t exactly candy, but hey, if you just feel like eating, these are ideal for your health and waistline.

I was reading up about the health benefits of roasted seaweed and I found an interesting tidbit on LIVESTRONG:

Roasted seaweed can help decrease your risk of developing breast cancer and other diseases caused by estrogen. Research published in the February 2005 issue of the “Journal of Nutrition” correlates eating kelp seaweed with decreasing levels of a certain type of sex hormone in animal studies. Researchers theorize that this may play a role in lower Japanese hormone-dependent cancer rates.

Read more:

Great bonus if it helps fight estrogen-related cancers. Of course, this doesn’t mean consuming large amounts of seaweed will ward off cancer, but it’s a great alternative to chips for an afternoon snack. The study was from 2005, so I would love to see a follow-up, but all the same, seaweed rocks! Only 10 cals per sheet of seaweed and it’s packed with vitamin A and C.

Interesting stuff, huh? My next post will be about kale chips, so stay tuned!

Inspiration from SELF magazine:

“The only thing better than taking a break from it all is making your way back feeling stronger, clearer and more in control. When you’re overwhelmed and you need to escape, allow yourself that luxury. Getting a little distance may be all it takes to feel more focused and appreciative of what awaits you at home.”

One more photo to leave you with…

Have you tried seaweed? What did you think?