A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.

Maya Angelou

Love that quote. You don’t have to have all of the answers, you can just be. Just live. What a nice, simple message for a Thursday night.
SO, I am all about saving money now. I’m an official member of Groupon AND I set up an expense sheet on my computer. I’m really getting into it! Sadly, I have noticed that I spend about 10-20 dollars on food each day. I’m going to assess my costs after this week and see what I can cut out or find a better substitute for to save money. Who has their big girl panties on now? 🙂

On the subject of of Groupon…. I made my first purchase this week. Drum roll, please…. 30 bucks for a month gym membership. Original price: 100 dollars. Score! I have been going to the yoga classes and I LOVE it. I think I’m turning into a yogi. Next up is to try Yoga to the People. $5 each class. I’m itching to try hot yoga, even though I’m secretly worried about passing out from the heat.

When I was running around, trying to catch my subway quickly, pushing past people– something hit me. Why do we all try to rush life? It’s always a mad, stressful rush to get  the to-do list done, move on to the next errand. When can life be enjoyed? The truth is that we really don’t have time to put enjoyment off. The time is now. I bring this up because I have a super hard time with this. I try to do so much, all the time, that I don’t take time to just savor the moment. The moments ARE life. If you aren’t enjoying the moments, then you aren’t leading a happy life. I’m going to make an effort to bring this bigger picture to the forefront when I find myself rushing around like a hot mess, trying to get today’s to-do list checked off. It’s going to be hard for me, but I know I need to do it to improve my quality of life. It’s not all about achieving more. Sometimes, it’s just about feeling content with the present.