Well here I am… fast forward from my last post and I’m a week into my internship, living in NYC and loving it. It’s been busy and the work days are long, but I still couldn’t imagine anything better. Working at a magazine is better than I thought. So many creative people come together to produce a mag and it is a truly amazing process to be a part of. I have solidified my passion and I know I want to pursue it after college. Let the hard work begin!

This weekend was packed with walking, walking and more walking. I love how fast paced the environment is, although it is a little chilly. I went to Central Park, Macy’s, Times Square, lots of restaurants, China Town, Little Italy, and the list continues. There is so much to explore here. I really can’t get over it!

I’m typing this as a sip on some chamomile tea with Coldplay pandora station on in the background. It’s time to wind down for work week number two. 🙂 I have managed to eat pretty healthy while transitioning to this new lifestyle. There are tons of organic cafes and I’m loving it (my wallet, not so much). I make a weekly trip to Whole Foods to load up on Greek yogurt, peanut butter, Larabars, popcorn, Kashi cereal, tea, Zevia, etc. All the good stuff! My half marathon training is still going. The busier I get, the more I realize that exercise, especially running, is my outlet. It’s my time to think and clear my thoughts from the day. I feel like I emerge from my workout with a new, fresh perspective on not only my day, but my life. And I need that every day. I think that’s why I stay on my running schedule, no matter how busy I am, because I will always need that time to myself. I can let my mind go and I think everyone needs a place in life to do that.

All in all, I feel like this is the life for me. I feel so content here and I love going to work at the magazine. It’s a packaged deal, and some of the people are weird here (well, a lot…) but I feel complete doing this. I can’t tell you how good it feels to know where I want to go in life… this is it.

Remember, empower yourself to live with a healthy lifestyle. Get Fit Get Life.