Today marks my last day in the wonderful state of Kansas for five months; I leave for NYC tomorrow morning. It would be an understatement to say that I am excited for my internship. I am a firm believer in the powerful ability of change, experience and adventure to grow in life. It’s time for the next step.

Throughout this break I have developed an even greater appreciation for family and friends and I could not be more grateful for the people in my life. I truly have one of the best support systems. You always read about the positive benefits of social support and I personally believe they are a major part of good health. I think I have noticed this over break because I had the chance to catch up with direct family, extended family, HS friends, and college friends; I got to catch up with people from every stage of my life thus far. All of those people are special to me and I’m so happy that I am in close contact with friends from the past and present. No matter how busy life gets, I will always spend the time to keep up with these people because relationships are gems in life.

You may be wondering what brought up such a deep post. It is a combination of my departure tomorrow and an interview that I did yesterday. I am writing a few stories for a special KU Jayhawk magazine and one of them is about the “Jayhawk Generations” I interviewed an almost 90-year-old KU alumna for the story. I wanted to do this article because I think that older generations have a certain warmth and worn spirit and offer the most valuable advice. I have a soft spot for the “greatest generation” and I think they are truly special because of their life experience. I interviewed her about her experience at KU and what it means to be a Jayhawk. It turned into a two-hour conversation about life. She was reflecting on her life and said something that really inspired me. “You know, Maggie, I have had some many wonderful things happen in my life and I have learned that life is for the living.” It’s simple, but it really stood out to me. So many people watch life go by without taking active participation. She also told me to realize how fast the college years go by and the most important part of life: the relationships and friendships. At the end of your life, that is what you cherish the most.

She was also incredibly sharp for her old age; so naturally, I asked her what her secret was. Her answer? Exercise and happiness. She works out three times a week (bike and weights) and hangs out with people 20 years younger than her. I may be interviewing her for a Get Fit Get Life online magazine story. The best part of the interview? A new friend. And that my friends, is why journalism is such an amazing profession. You get to meet all kinds of people and learn about their lives. She told me she was so excited for my adventures in NYC, but when I got back to KS I needed to come by her “modest” house and see her. And I will.

It’s time to switch gears to FITNESS. I am still training for the NYC Half Marathon. The past few days have been filled with a 90-minute run, 7×400 meter sprint workout and strength training. Today is just 30 minutes and strength training. I will most likely do an interval workout because it makes the treadmill a little more interesting; the white wall in front of the treadmill isn’t exactly riveting.

Time to get back to packing! Wishing everyone adventure, change, and new life experiences. Live your life in the fast lane!