ONE more final to go! THANK GOODNESS!

I have recently been reading a lot about the Tone It Up plan. It’s very interesting! I love reading about different health ideas and recipes. I am going to try their protein pancakes over break. Yum! I’m in serious need of a new breakfast food. This morning I had a leftover homemade burrito. Not my ideal morning meal! 🙂 But please check out their site! There are a lot of creative recipes, tips and tricks for nutrition and fitness.

Yesterday I did my regular strength workout. I decided I’m going to switch up the routine every 3 weeks. Time for a new workout after this week! Today I did my HIIT interval workout on the treadmill. I love HIIT workouts when time is short. It only takes 30 minutes! I always feel refreshed when I am done, and it makes for an excellent study break. I switch it up and do incline intervals some days and speed intervals other days. Today was a speedy kind of day.


0-5 min. Warm up: 6.5 – 7

5-6 min. Moderate speed: 8.0

6-7 min. High speed: 9.2

7-8 min. Moderate speed: 8.0

8-9 min. High speed: 9.2

Cont. alternating moderate (8.0) and high (9.2) until you hit the 25 min. mark

25-30 min. Cool down: 6.5

What a stress-busting workout. I definitely needed it today!

LOVE this. So inspirational. Are you making yourself EPIC? 😉



Remember…Empower yourself to live with a healthy lifestyle. Get Fit Get Life!