Happy day of thanks! My pumpkin craze has been out of control… I had a greek yogurt/organic pumpkin/oats breakfast again this morning. I’m going to turn orange if I’m not careful! 🙂 For dessert last night, I had… you guessed it… pumpkin “pudding”. I mixed half a cup of organic pumpkin with cinnamon and stevia and topped it with a tiny bit of whipped cream. YUM! I may need to take a break from the pumpkin for awhile though…

Delicious and nutritious.

Too close for comfort? NOO way!

What I’m thankful for on this gorgeous day! Seriously, 65 degrees? I’ll take it!

  • My wonderful family
  • My supportive friends
  • My health – Get Fit Get Life 😉
  • My life and the crazy journey it has been and will continue to be
  • PUMPKIN… ha ha and nutritious food.
  • Today, right now. I’m thankful for everything in this moment of my life.

I just decorated the Christmas tree with my brothers and my parents (kind of) helped. 🙂 It’s officially the holiday season.

In preparation for the big food fest I did a Turkey day strength and cardio interval class with my mom, and I think I will go on a run because I can’t resist such a pretty day. I have always felt like a good run is the best way to make the most of amazing weather. Who’s with me?

I promise I will post on my new dietary choice later – Flexitarian lifestyle, here I come!


Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.  -W.J. Cameron