Good morning! 🙂

I just devoured some crunchy peanut butter toast with cinnamon and banana slices on top. YUM! I’m currently sipping my morning caffeine jolt of coffee. I have a speed workout and lots of studying, so I’m going to need it today!

I always talk about how busy this semester has been for me, and it truly is the hardest semester I have ever had. But I always keep my morning routine, no matter how busy my life gets. As I was munching on my breakfast and reading healthy living blogs online, I realized that I have never given up my morning routine. It’s always relaxing, even if I have a busy day ahead. I think it is so important because it sets the tone of the day. If you race around all morning, or wake up late and hurriedly get ready, it makes your day rough. I wake up an hour before I need to do something and take my sweet little time.

My Morning Routine:

  1. Do the neseccsary things to get ready: wash face, get outfit on – usually Nike shorts and a t-shirt for me:)
  2. Start the coffee
  3. Whip up a breakfast – usually greek yogurt or PB toast at college; eggs or a protein shake at home
  4. Eat breakfast while leisurely scrolling through health articles online or reading other blogs
  5. Sip on some coffee while I decide what do to for the day/ check e-mails
  6. Brush my teeth and hit the road running, literally running. I like to run early so that I can start my day with a fresh outlook.

How do YOU start your day?

Favorites of yesterday:

I enjoyed a delicious dinner at Ingredient with my parents. It was filled with spinach and feta pizza, caesar salad and mango iced tea!

7 mile run on a gorgeous day

Easy pace to enjoy the pretty weather

Have a relaxing Sunday. 🙂