It always seems like as the semester wraps up, the stress increases to epic proportions. It’s time to buckle down and knock out these tests and papers. Who’s with me? Aside from the hustle and bustle of the Nov./Dec. crunch time, I am managing to keep a healthy lifestyle. It is taking some serious effort. I have time, weather, sleep and stress working against me.

To fight this I have been:

  • Drinking LOTS of peppermint and/or green tea during the evening when studying. It’s relaxing to drink and is better than munching on miscellaneous snacks all night.
  • Following a running schedule. I’m on week 4 of Hal Higdon’s Personal Best marathon training guide. I liked having a running schedule while training for my previous marathon and so I figured why not get on the personal best schedule? No marathon planned, though.
  • Eating healthy and nutritious meals! Simple, yet effective. Breakfast is usually greek yogurt with cinnamon and some fruit on the side. If I’m craving a little something extra I add some crunchy peanut butter and Panda Puffs cereal to the mix. Lunch is usually a salad with chicken, mixed nuts, olive oil and vinegar, carrots and broccoli. I may be skipping the chicken soon, though. More about that later on in the post. Dinner is whatever the sorority serves, but I usually end up with some type of chicken, veggies and fruit. I snack on Larabars, greek yogurt, fruit, nuts and the occasional handful of Panda Puffs cereal. 🙂 I satisfy my sweet tooth with fro-yo (YUM!) and dark chocolate.

I haven’t been able to exercise as much this semester and it has been frustrating. Time has been tight with writing for internships/school paper, personal training, school and of course, maintaining a social life (ha ha). I have done my best, and that’s all anyone can ask for, right? 🙂

My latest health venture:

I am contemplating going vegan. I just wrote a story about a “Vegan Thanksgiving” for my school newspaper and the interviews inspired me to give the veggie lifestyle a whirl. I will keep this blog updated with my vegan adventures. It should be very interesting and no doubt, entertaining.

I would appreciate any advice about the vegan life. Let me know!

Sweet dreams 🙂