It all began in December 2010. It was the fall of my sophomore year. I was at a crossroads in my college life. I had to make my final decision on a major and stick with it. I struggled with the decision, but College Lifestyles was my saving grace. I applied on a whim, and it brought me more than just a major. It inspired my career path. Here’s the story…

Pre College Lifestyles

I had been an exercise science major up until sophomore year. The first semester of my sophomore year I became interested in journalism. I loved exercise, but writing had always been my strength and passion. I decided to get my feet wet with a journalism class, which was thrown into my schedule among physiology and health classes. Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum! Or were they really that opposite? I would soon come to find out that my passion for health and fitness could be perfectly intertwined with my love of writing.

My journalism class was a teaser and I decided I wanted to immerse myself further into the world of words. I stumbled across a site called Ed2010 and found the jackpot. Ed2010 listed pages and pages of wonderful internships. My eyes landed on College Lifestyles and I decided to apply. I was unsure if I would get the internship, but I decided I was going to throw myself into this “writing thing.”

I heard back from Shelly Redmond, founder and CEO of College Lifestyles, and I was thrilled. I made it to the next round and I was granted an interview. I remember being incredibly inspired by Shelly and her creation of CL. A couple days after I opened the e-mail in my inbox and read “Congratulations! We would love for you to be a CL intern…” I responded with an enthusiastic yes, of course. Little did I know, this one decision would open up doors upon doors of opportunities for me. Life is interconnected, and CL helped me build my first link.

College Lifestyles Experience

I was so nervous to start my internship. I wanted to write articles that made an impact on people. Shelly was in contact with me through the entire writing process. I pitched ideas to her, we discussed them, and then I wrote the article. I learned so much throughout my first few months as an intern for College Lifestyles. In the first week alone I learned how to pitch articles, connect with readers, use SEO and post my articles using WordPress. It is an educational experience that I am so thankful for. As I became more comfortable with CL, I started focusing in on health and nutrition articles. With Shelly’s encouragement and support, I created a campaign called Beauty by Confidence. Shelly welcomed ideas with open arms and it allowed me to expand on my campaign plans. I finally launched the CL Beauty by Confidence campaign. The mission of BBC is to remind women that true beauty is defined by living with confidence and integrity. At that point, I knew I had found my passion. It seemed so obvious… writing about health and inspiring others to reach their potential and be their best self. How did I completely miss that career option before? It allowed me to be creative, write, talk about all things health and fitness, learn and explore. I had found my career gem and I vowed to always hold on to it. I would never let it out of my sight. It was going to be my core motivation that symbolized my dream to become an editor of a women’s health magazine.One day, I would be able to reach millions of lives and inspire others with the beauty of the world through the written word. CL gave me this special gem, and for that reason it will always hold a special place in my life.

Life after CL

I am currently still a junior in college and still CL lady, but I know that I will move on at some point. CL provided me with countless PR skills, writing techniques and networking opportunities that will continue to help me in internships, classes and careers. Most importantly, CL brought my passion to light. It instigated my dreams. This is priceless and I value my experience each and every day. It has taught me to keep an open mind and bring positivity into the world.

I am still holding on to my gem and it continues to motivate and inspire me to work toward my dreams every day.

Thank you, College Lifestyles, for opening my eyes to the world of opportunities and inspiring my career choice.