A run on a crisp, fall afternoon is one of the sweeter things in life. I am thankful for each and every time I get to go outside and run with a beautiful sunshine and autumn leaves as my scenery.

It’s the little things. Life is full of distractions. I am constantly running from place to place and I cherish moments of peace and quiet. I feel like this picture captured the essence of a calm and happy place.

Just a few more. šŸ™‚ I always get carried away!

Find the time to stay calm and connected. Life will always be hectic so choose to find peace every day. You can do it!

Speaking of hectic, I am going to train two clients, study for a test, write an article and participate in a Skype call with my internship. It will be a busy evening. Good thing I had my peaceful moment today. šŸ™‚