My blogging has been a little spotty lately. The combination of school starting (hello, junior year), sorority recruitment, internships, working, running, book shopping, switching classes and all of the odds and ends in between led to a lack of blogging. I am finally settling into a routine so it shouldn’t be as much of a problem anymore.

The marathon training is going so well and I am really beginning to like the super long runs. Who would have thought? I did my 19-miler yesterday morning. Long runs provide a time to break into your ‘zen zone.’ It is almost like the mind tires of thinking and organizing thoughts and goes into a calm and rhythmic state. Once you are there, the miles fly by! Yesterday it was a beautiful morning with all of the cliche features – crisp, clean air, clear skies and a rosy pink sunrise. I resisted the temptation to stop and take a picture though. That is definitely uncharacteristic of me! Today was a much needed day off. I read that your body needs 2-3 recovery days after intense interval runs or super long runs. For me this means a day sans running and then two days of easy runs. It is essential to give your body that time to recover so that you can reap the benefits of the intense run and come back stronger. I know for me it is always hard to take days off, but I know that it will only increase my abilities and stamina so I just do it. 🙂

I always eat a holistic diet and I would say I eat organically most of the time. With that said, my big thing is eliminating chemicals, additives and the like from my diet. My hangups include: gum, flavored water like Vitamin water and diet soda. These are all filled with fake chemicals that are definitely not good for the body. I am going cold turkey on the gum and Vitamin water-type beverages. I want to keep my body as clean as possible! This might sound a little excessive, but I just want to experiment. My hope is that I don’t have to rely on chomping packs of gum to avoid eating more snacks and that I drink more pure water instead of the ‘fake’ water. If I can master that successfully then I will try to tackle the diet soda. This one will be hard because I love my Diet Dr. Pepper pick-me-up. 🙂

On that note, I have been drinking coffee every morning. I find it relaxing. I usually drink tea at home, but it is harder to get hot water in the sorority. I think I will easily switch back to my beloved peppermint tea if I can get a hot water source. There is so much research about whether coffee is good for you or not. I know that it does have antioxidants and a lot of caffeine. As this crazy semester starts, I am starting to realize a little coffee will serve me well. 🙂

I am loving my journalism classes. It is nice to finally be reaching the classes that will benefit my future career. I think my editing class will be a tremendous help to my writing skills.

For my internship at College Lifestyles I recently interviewed Chandra Turner, the president and founder of Ed2010. Ed2010 is a website resource for magazine editor wannabes. It has advice, intern blogs and internship/job postings to name a few of the features. I read the Intern Diaries and Unsolicited Advice sections every morning. It inspires me to do what I can to take steps closer to my magazine editing goals. Here is the article link:

Life is crazy and busy, but I always take time to remember what is special about today. I am always working towards my goals, which is great, but I have to consciously check in with myself and put effort into ‘present living.’ Goals and dreams are important to have and create spark and magic in life, but there is something unique and priceless about this current moment. I try to live for today. I know I will miss parts of my life that I have today. Nothing is forever so CHERISH time with friends and family. ENJOY where you are right now. You will meet your dreams with hard work, but remember that loving your life on the day-to-day is imperative. The day-to-day is part of the grand life journey you are on! So as I remind myself to breathe in and breathe out, I challenge you to focus on the moment and what you are thankful for now.

Keep smiling, keep pushing yourself and keep on learning about the wonderful world around you.