This morning consisted of a very interesting workout. Alarm went off at 6 and I moseyed my way out of bed. I ran about 2 miles and it started raining! Now this wouldn’t usually be a problem, but I happened to be wearing my Garmin watch. Not something you want to get wet! I decided to improv and make the most out of my morning sweat session, so I did a strength workout underneath a nearby shelter. It included squats, jumping jacks, toe taps on the curb, push ups, tricep dips, hop jumps, and a variety of squats. The rain subsided a little bit so I ran the stairs for a solid mile. I ended my run with one last soggy mile. What a morning. It ended up taking about an hour and a half for the entire workout. Not bad! It is so beneficial to mix it up with different exercises and challenge your body. I miss strength exercises! Once all of my sorority recruitment/work shop duties are over I am getting back to it. Sometimes the phase of your life doesn’t coincide with getting your ideal workout. It is important to remember to be creative and to maximize your time. Stay active no matter what!

Of course, I have some pictures from the run. Today I actually had an excuse, there was a rainbow at the beginning of the run. Smile


Good old KU!


THE rainbow. I haven’t seen one if forever so that was a welcome surprise.

Started my morning off with some coffee and a Vitality bar. I will definitely need a solid lunch.

I usually read Ed2010’s advice section or Intern Diaries while I eat breakfast. I was randomly reading an article and I came across an inspiring piece of advice I would like to share. It is targeted at magazine editor wannabes, but it can really apply to anyone and their goals. Article:

At the end of the article I came across this quote and it really stuck out to me:

Don’t take things personally. “This industry is not for the meek. You have to be passionate about it or you won’t make it,” says Wilson. “I had an editor tell me that my master’s degree didn’t matter. It hurt, but I went back and pitched even more and worked even harder. Just show them that you can do it.”
Yelena Shuster, Ed Reporter

Love it!

Have a wonderful Monday!