What a day. Smile 

I started it out with a bang – and when I say bang I mean at 17 miler at 5 a.m. THAT will wake you up in the morning. I had two energy “gu’s” throughout the run. I wish they would change the name because ‘gu’ is just not very appetizing. I had espresso chocolate and an organic agave chocolate GU. Honestly, I love chocolate but it doesn’t work out on runs. It just leaves too much of a thick and rich taste in your mouth. Not so prime when you are runnin’ miles and miles! Also, aside from that, if you are messy like me you will most definitely end up getting chocolate on your white running shirt. Yikes! Okay I will get off of my gu soapbox now!

It was a wonderful run though. I definitely needed the peace and quiet and time to just think about everything. I think that everyone needs to find that special ‘me’ time in their day to connect with their thoughts. It is really important because it helps you organize your mind. I use it as time to ‘clean’ out the bad thoughts and sort out the important ones. Many hills and miles later, I was all clear and my thoughts were in order.

I got to catch a glimpse of the sunrise. My absolute favorite part of morning runs!



I swear, it is the little things in life… not to be cheesy. Smile

I am feeling a lot better about my move back to college. I’m starting to think that life transitions are the phases that bring the most surprise and excitement. I can’t wait to see what this semester will hold!

Here is my latest post for my internship at Blissful Belle! http://blissfulbelle.org/2011/08/11/dear-65-year-old-me-maggie-young/

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” –Einstein