So wiped. Here is an update on mi vida.

1. I signed up for the marathon! I decided to take the plunge. Life is too short to wait around for the ‘perfect’ time. I got a late start on my long runs but I am working my butt off and I had a pretty good endurance base. The marathon is on October 15. I’m already nervous. Smile Really excited though… training is an adventure in itself. I have been getting up at 5 to run before work. I absolutely love running in the early morning hours. It seems like the town is still asleep and the only interaction I usually get is a friendly ‘good morning’ from a fellow runner. It’s still dark, it’s quiet, it’s peaceful. I’m starting to work on pushing the pace. I tend to let my mind wander and I settle into my ‘comfort’ pace. I need to step it up! My first long run was pretty brutal. I did two things wrong. I did a lift class before the long run… and ran at 10 AM when it was getting hot. NOT smart. My long run this week will start at 5 in the morning and it will be my only exercise of the day. Ha ha Smile I have been doing lifting, pilates and yoga classes when I can to cross train and keep my muscles strong. I think I will incorporate run-swim-run workouts once or twice a week. This Friday = 16 miles. Bring it on! I need to get my energy goo and something to carry it in (waist strap). I read that you should refuel about every hour.

2. I gave up diet soda. I actually just wrote an article about diet soda and you can find it here. I have done this before and I went over a year without a single soda. Hopefully this change sticks for good. It just isn’t good for my body. I want to keep it clean with whole foods and no artificial chemicals. My diet is really clean but the diet soda has got to go. Especially with my heavy running mileage, I don’t need to detract calcium from my bones! I need them as strong as possible.

3. I shadowed a personal trainer at my gym last week. LOVED it. Fitness and nutrition are my passions. The trainer and I got coffee afterwards and talked about different fitness trends and the like. I had a great time. Definitely worth missing work!

4. Last summer I started a program at my local retirement home that included weekly morning walks with the senior citizens. It was really rewarding and I got to know the residents really well. This summer has been pretty busy and I studied abroad for the first half so I wasn’t able to keep it up. However, this past weekend I went and visited them. It was such an amazing feeling because they remembered me! I talked with one of my favorites, Oogna. She has lived an incredible, crazy life. I can only hope to fill my life up with as much adventure as her. She told me a couple things that I think are really great and inspiring:

-I absolutely love life. I would go back and do it all over again if I could. Maggie, cram as many experiences and adventures into your life as you can. Don’t hesitate, go for it.

-Never stop learning. I still read and love to learn all day. Learning is the heart of living. The more you want to know, the more enriched your life will be. Stay curious and explore everything that you can.

This woman is absolutely incredible. I think everyone can take a lesson from her positive energy and upbeat attitude. What a lady!

Well that’s about it for right now. I have two articles to upload onto College Lifestyles and Blissful Belle. I am absolutely exhausted. Today consisted of a 5 miles run, work, pilates and a lifting class. I know I am crazy, BUT I go back to school in less than 2 weeks and my exercise schedule will drastically reduce. I guess you could say I’m enjoying it while it lasts. Smile

OH YEAH! I’m reading a book called ‘My First 100 Marathons’ by Jeff Horowitz. It is sooo interesting so far. I definitely recommend it. ESPECIALLY if you are a runner.

Goodnight. Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!

p.s. I am going to try to start taking more pics to give my blog a little somethin’ somethin’


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