YAWN! It has been a very long day. It started at 6:15 and has just been going and going. I thought I would wrap my day up with some quality bloggin’.

I worked full time today and took some time to relax via bubble bath when I arrived home. A day without a bubble bath is not complete in my book. 🙂 Along with a Route 44 Sonic Iced Tea and this girl is golden!

Workout consisted on a 4 mile run and legs/abs weights. I definitely had to dig around for some motivation to exercise today after long hours at work. Once I get started I always feel a lot better so it is worth it. When I am bored on the treadmill I always think about improving my hearth health and it makes the time pass more quickly when I realize the powerful benefits. I think that is key for many people to realize when they dread exercising. It is not just for looks! Although extrinsic factors play a main role in our daily workout motivation (not a bad thing!), the most important reason for being active is to maintain your body and improve your quality of life. Think of yourself as strong, healthy, and empowered to achieve your life dreams. That is what exercise can do for you.

My weekly goals set on Monday are going pretty well! It is always so hard to squeeze everything in to one single day. But alas, life is good.

Thought to ponder:

How do you show your gratitude for the special people in your life? I try to send a nice text message to someone I care about every day. Reach out to the ones you love. That is what life is about!

Get fit. Get life.