Well today I literally stopped and smelled the roses, and even took a picture! My friend gave me a hard time for stopping for the ‘pretty flowers’ but c’mon what’s life if you can’t stop and check out some pretty pink petals? Moral of the story: Remember to live in the moment and enjoy it. You can never get these moments back so embrace life as it comes.

Today I was immersed in studying for finals, but I did manage to get a work out in. I did a HIIT interval run for 30 minutes and lifted weights. I just switched my weight program so I will go into more detail later this week when finals are OVER. Can’t wait.

For dinner I whipped up some egg white mixed with basil feta cheese. I boiled some frozen veggies and then mixed those with the eggs and sprinkled a little more feta on top. Quick prep and a delicious, healthy meal!


Close up


And some fresh grapes


Well on that note, I most definitely need to get back to studying.

Check back for updated weight lifting routine. It’s kicking my butt, I haven’t been this sore in awhile!

Get fit. Get life.