My Sunday has been dedicated to rest, relaxation, school, and internship searching. I’m doing well on everything, but I need to get to work on a paper for one of my journalism classes. It’s a profile story over an Irish dancer. I’ll post it to the blog when I finish. I just posted an article about TEA… check it out:

Last night I went out to eat with the family at a local tex-mex style restaurant. I got a heaping bowl of delicious chili. I ate half and had the rest for breakfast this morning. 🙂 I forgot to take a picture but it was quite the unique choice for breakfast! I interviewed the Irish dancer and watched the performance… SO cool by the way. Here is a trailer for a documentary movie about Irish dance.

It kind of gives you the 411!


Right in time for St. Patrick’s Day!

I was pretty hungry after a long morning and I had a delicious home cooked meal awaiting me 🙂


Brisket, Asian style Brussel sprouts, and some hearty whole grain bread. I actually grabbed another piece of the bread after I was done!

Today is a rest day. It is much needed and I know that it will revive me for the week ahead. One week until spring break and some R&R. I need a break from the norm!

Favorite snack- almond butter. Yumm.

Back to writing my paper and researching internships… and work tonight!

How do you rest and unwind on your Sunday?

Take it easy friends.

Get fit. Get life.