What a crazed week. One more week until Spring Break… whoop! I am training for a half marathon in April and I was was supposed to have my long run tomorrow but…. there is NO way I can stay inside and lift weights in a gym when its nice outside. Not happenin. So I improvised and did my 11 miles today. I had to stop and stretch my hamstrings a couple times. I’m not going to lie, I struggled a little bit with some aches and sores but the weather made up for it. 🙂

I powered up for the day with…


Yup that’s oatmeal with cinnamon and Agave Nectar drizzled on top, an apple, and… greek yogurt with apple butter. Haha Sounds weird but is actually pretty good. Gotta keep things interesting!

LOVE apple butter


Pre- 11 mile snack… Banana A la Mode… bananas + cinnamon + 1 min. in microwave

I ran by sonic on my run and it sounded so good! So after I finished I went by… I decided today would be perfect to treat myself to a route 44 diet limeade. Not the best hydrating option, but refreshing nonetheless.

IMG_0204 IMG_0200

Quite a combo…limeades and running 🙂

I try not to have too much diet soda but I definitely guzzled that Route 44 down like a champ!

I didn’t have too much time to refuel before work at the Rec so lunch was thrown together.

IMG_0202 IMG_0201

Bowl o berries and a sweet potato salmon cake from the Merc. I’m slightly obsessed with sweet potato salmon cakes. Berries had some Truvia on them for a little added sweetness.

Two of my favorite things…

IMG_0205 IMG_0206

Panera decaf coffee + dessert delights gum!

Working at the Rec center is quite the job. It’s interesting to see all of the techniques for working out. It’s funny the way the gym is divided. All the girls upstairs on the cardio machines and all the guys downstairs pumping iron. Sooo typical.

Song of the day: A Little Bit Stronger by Sara Evans… and the country phase continues 🙂

Have a good night!

Get fit. Get life.