Have you listened to ‘Little Miss’ by Sugarland yet? I was listening to it on my run today and the line ‘little miss do your best’ kept getting into my head. ALL we can do is our best. If we try our hardest every single day than we have nothing to feel bad about. I relate to this the most in school. I definitely try my best, and sometimes that is not enough to get the “A” when I have many things on my ‘life plate’. So how can I get upset with myself if I don’t achieve the highest standard? It seems pretty plain and simple when I spell it out, yet I beat myself up over these kind of situations all of the time. I need to remember to be ‘Little Miss do your best’ during these times or for that matter on a daily basis. I know that I am not alone on this one. The ‘to-do’ lists aren’t getting any shorter and the standard of achievement certainly isn’t decreasing. At the end of the day ask yourself, “did I do my best today?” If you didn’t, make a plan to put more effort into life tomorrow. If you did, then you have done ALL that you can do and you should feel awesome because of that.

Now that I have spilled my running thoughts of the day… time for a recap of the gorgeous day that march 10 was… seriously sunny and 60s. yes please!


See what I mean??? Sooo pretty.

Thursdays are looong days for me school wise. Keeping this in mind, I fueled up with an omega 3 and antioxidant filled b-fast.

IMG_0139  IMG_0141

Tangerine-glazed salmon. Whole foods, I love you for preparing my meals in time crunches. 😉 haha

AND… las frutas (yes, I did have a spanish test today, but that’s another story!)

IMG_0143 IMG_0145

Yes some berry lovin’ I spiced things up today and sprinkled some stevia (NATURE’s calorie free sweetener) I know, pretty crazy right? I recommend it though, it’s like a dessert!

I went a little crazy with the pictures today (just a warning) I doubt I will be this on top of things every day…

Lunch was…

IMG_0156 IMG_0158IMG_0160 IMG_0166

Turkey and black bean enchiladas and some leafy greens with extra virgin olive oil drizzled on top. And of course some peppermint tea. I highly recommend ending your meals with some peppermint tea. It refreshes, settles the stomach, and definitely helps fight bad breath. In the case of this lunch I needed to pop in a backup piece of gum 🙂

I had a 6 miler run today.


My nike frees are my best friends. Seriously, I can’t imagine running in regular running shoes. Frees are so light and easy to run in. They provide more flexibility for your feet.


Don’t they look cool? Well at least I think so!

The miles flew by since it was so nice out…


Pretty much 10 minute miles. I’m not complaining though, my hamstrings are shot from yesterday’s workout. See look ‘little miss do your best’ is already working!

I refueled with my classic college dinner…

IMG_0183 IMG_0181

IMG_0185 IMG_0151

Scrambled eggs: 3 whole eggs, basil, onion, and garlic

Spinach salad: Spinach(of course), garlic, onion, olive oil

Banana a la mode: Cut up bananas, sprinkle cinnamon on top, microwave for 1 min.

La Croix: BEST sub for soft drinks, carbonated water. Not too bad.

One of my roomies exclaimed… ‘wait you are going to eat that WHOLE thing?”

Damn right I am 🙂

IMG_0187 IMG_0189

Whole foods carrot cake = Love. Washed down with some coconut milk!

All in all, today was a good day. The sun was shining, I ran, had a piece of carrot cake, and the best part of all… I’m done with tests! Just one more big paper.

Song of the day: Live a Little by Kenny Chesney (see still in the country phase!)

Did you do your best today? Are you going to do your best tomorrow?

Get fit. Get life.