WOW what a day. I currently just completed THREE spanish essays. Can you say yuck? Midterm week is definitely testing my patience with school. I hate sitting on my butt and studying for long periods of time, it literally makes me crazy! Aside from the heaps and piles of homework, I had a pretty good day!

I am going to start taking pictures of my lovely meals and uploading them. 🙂 I unfortunately don’t have a photo of my breakfast or lunch today, but I made it happen for snack time and dinner. Breakfast was herb roasted salmon and cinnamon dusted squash. I know… can you say random? I’m not going to lie it was a little odd to start the day off with that combo but HEY it’s nutritious. That is all I care about!

My lovely mother came up to see my brothers and I and take us out to lunch at the local ORGANIC food store. YUM. I got barbeque turkey meatloaf and sweet potato. My brothers claimed that it was ‘disgusting’ I beg to differ. 🙂 Nothing better than wholesome food and family. Seriously, not to be cheesy but nothin’ is better than good old family.

I managed to squeeze in a pretty bomb workout:

20 minutes stair climber – NO HANDS ON THE BARS (works the core more because it has to stabilize)

10 minutes rowing machine – Makes the workout more interesting AND works a lot of muscles esp. the shoulders and back


Squats – 15 pds on each side of bar 3x of 12 reps

Rows – 10 pds each side of bar 3x 12 reps

Dead lift – 10 pds each side of bar 3x 12 reps

Curls – 20-15 pds 3x 12 reps

Shoulders- 15-10 pds 3x 12 reps

Chest press- 25 pds 3x 12 reps alt. with 12 reps tricep dips (OUCH!)

Lunges- 40 pd 3x 20 15 reps

STRECH – something I have been trying to get better at for sure.

I created a freakin’ awesome trail mix at the organic store: slivered almonds, coconut flakes, dark chocolate chips, cashews, pecans, and barley flakes. Too bad I already picked out all of the chocolate chips 🙂


Deliciousness in a bag!


Once again… those chocolate chips are no longer existent! OOPS! 😉

Dinner was some spaghetti courtesy of my wonderful mother… (basil, lean ground beef, whole grain pasta, fresh marinara sauce) All I had to do was pop it in the microwave. Microwave = college girl’s best friend.


Definitely didn’t get the best shot (notice finger in right bottom corner) but hey I blame it on the hunger.

And a delicious salad courtesy of the organic store (the MERC) short for the mercantile. Goat cheese, spinach, cranberries, balsamic vinaigrette, onions, walnuts. AKA my favorite salad ever.


PRESTO. it’s all prepared!


Wow… this is literally making my mouth water!

Song I recommend today: Little Miss by Sugarland

I’m going through a RANDOM country music stage. This song is pretty cute. I think cute is the right word? You decide for yourself!

The weekend is QUICKLY approaching.

I’m OUT. goodnight fellow health nuts.

Get fit. Get life.