My half marathon is in 8 weeks! Today I did 5 miles EASY and some lifting.


Thought this was a unique action shot… yes this WAS taken while running! Easier to do than you would think… haha

Today I listened to a lecture from a speaker that was an eating disorder survivor. It was very interesting to hear and it made me reflect a lot about my OWN relationship with food and my body. I am happy to say that I have developed a very healthy relationship with both. I truly believe that when you quit focusing on image and counting calories and replace that negative energy with a healthy lifestyle you can succeed. I don’t eat healthy foods to lose weight- I eat them because they have nutrients in them that keep my body running efficiently. I eat healthy foods to have energy and to feel refreshed. The truth is, I just don’t FEEL as optimistic and vibrant if I eat junk food. Now that’s not to say I don’t have dessert or some candy if I really want it, but for the most part I feel that I live a better quality of life if I consume nutritious foods. I have also found that participating in other activities like volunteering take your focus away from yourself and allow you to put your energy into something other than thoughts about the way you look. Be positive and LIVE with passions.

Remember that health and fitness is a journey not a destination!

Live your dream and wear your passion 🙂

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Get fit. Get life.