So a new year is already going full speed ahead, there is no turning back now, see ya 2010! Resolutions, resolutions, what to do with a resolution? Well I was having trouble coming up with one and so I went back to the basics. Resolution by is: a determination, a solution, a firmness of purpose. I decided to pick certain “themes” for the year that I would like to try to abide by. I want to be ambitious and not hold back when it comes to the things I want out of life. There is not a second of time to waste. I can’t let the chance of a negative outcome hold me back from anything in 2011. I’m going to go for my goals with everything I’ve got. Ok so I said it… now it’s time to get to work!

2011 To Do list 🙂

  • Accomplish my first marathon… I have always wanted to do this but its hard to make time for all of the training. Follow my marathon training adventures as I make a plan to achieve this goal!
  • Take & pass my certification exam to become a personal trainer.
  • Do something nice for someone every day… even as small as smiling at a stranger… It doesn’t have to be something huge! This is not supposed to be cliche or cheesy. I really and truly think its important to brighten people’s days. You never know what they may be going through and everyone can use a friendly boost.
  • Continue “clean” eating and regular cardio & weight training to stay HEALTHY!
  • Remember to let go & enjoy the moment as much as I can…
  • Work on my posture 😉  (Good posture is essential to success in weight training, more on that later!)
  • Go 110% in the activities that I choose. Sometimes I have a habit of signing up for too much and then I am not able to make 110% happen.

My motto for the new year: Live your dream and wear your passion.

So there you have it! I like to think of those as “New Years Guidelines and Goals” Sometimes I feel as though people just need to have the idea, and then plant that seed of inspiration inside them to put what they want into action.

“Be it jewel or toy, not the prize gives the joy, but the striving to win the prize.” -Owen Meredith

Here’s to the exciting journey that 2011 will be and an adventurous year ahead!

Get fit. Get life.