Ahhh Christmas is approaching quickly! Time for family, good times, and good food. The festivities will begin at noon tomorrow, bring on the holidays 🙂

Now for a complete switch of topics (I tend to do this frequently)… Check out this cardio workout!

Today was a HITT interval training day. HITT training  a type of cardio interval training. And let me just say- it gets the job done. The point is to get an efficient, heart pumping, calorie torching workout in a short amount of time. HITT is the most bang for your buck. According to the HITT training website there are 3 basic tracks you can take to accomplish this workout (I usually go for Tabata training most of the time).

  1. 30 second HITT – 30 seconds sprinting… 90 seconds rest…6-8 sets
  2. 60 second HITT – 60 seconds of all out sprinting… 120 seconds rest…6-8 sets
  3. Tabata- 4 minutes long… 20 second sprints… 10 seconds rest… 8 sets

Feel the burn! 🙂


“Strive for progress, not perfection.” -unknown

Happy Cardio & Holidays

Get Fit. Get Life.